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Paranormal PA- Amity Hall Hotel [Jun. 3rd, 2008|04:30 pm]
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Official History: The Amity Hall hotel was built in the 1800s, but has been abandoned for some time and has fallen into disrepair.  Some reports say that the hotel was used as a hospital during the civil war.

Unofficial History:  There are various reports of gruesome murders in the inn.  Some involve a woman beaten to death in the woods, others report a mysterious explosion with a high death toll.  The most popular story involves a resident of the inn going mad, murdering his children and wife, and then hanging himself in the attic.   People have reported strange lights and faces in the windows, dark “imp-like” shapes in the surrounding area, blood stains on the floor of the attic, the shape of a woman walking through the nearby woods, a malevolent spirit that tends to act out against male trespassers, “bad vibes”, unexplained drops in temperature and sounds of footsteps or doors slamming inside the building.  Also, many reports claim that Amity Hall Hotel drains batteries. 

Adventure:  Because some reports of the hotel claim that it drains batteries, Lemon and I charged our cell phones right before leaving and I popped a fresh pack of AAs into my camera, just in case.  On the way we picked up Scout and Jersey, giving them only the roughest summary of the hotel (creepy haunted hotel, want to come?!).  I only snapped a few pics on the way there, wanting to preserve my batteries (although dubious that anything would happen).  Although I love my paranormal PA adventures, abandoned hotels just seem to be a very easy target for hoaxes and made up stories about hauntings. 

**disclaimer** Amity Hall Hotel is private property!!!  At no point did we enter the hotel (which would have been trespassing).  I am not looking to get sued, and neither should you, readers.  Also, being an abandoned building, it’s sure to be full of unsafe and downright dangerous things (like holes in the attic floor) ((um, so I have been told))(((because I didn’t go in, which is illegal))) so please, stay out unless you get permission from whoever currently owns the hotel.  Thanks!!!

Once arriving at the hotel we turned off the car and waited in the dark, since supposedly much of the creepiness of the hotel happens outside.  I crawled out of the sunroof and started snapping pictures of the hotel, when suddenly my camera turned off!!! I only got about 4 pics before it died.  Nice fresh batteries… dead.  I checked my phone… also dead.  So was Lemon’s.  By the time we left the hotel (less than an hour later) everyone’s phone was either dead or on the last bar.  Weird!!!  And it got much weirder, within a few minutes of the headlights being off we all noticed strange shadows moving around us and the hotel.  I thought I saw one skitter up the side of the hotel (too big to be a squirrel or anything like that).  Jersey thought he saw something slide over the hood of the car.  We explored the area around the hotel, continuing to see bizarre shapes moving around.  No faces or lights in the windows, which were boarded up.  Eventually we began to head back, when a startled Scout exclaimed that he had just seen the shape of a woman moving through the woods as our headlights were turning back towards the road.  We hadn’t told him about the similar reports of a woman in the woods, he saw her all on his own.  While all of our paranormal PA trips are fun and many are very creepy, this is one of the few places I’ve been to that I truly believe may be haunted.      


From: (Anonymous)
2008-06-28 06:49 pm (UTC)


i want to see the picture you got of the place
[User Picture]From: rogue_gerbil
2008-07-30 07:46 pm (UTC)


all pictures from paranormal PA adventures can be found on my facebook : )

if you don't have my facebook, then i don't know you

if i don't know you, you might try to sue me

if you try to sue me, I will end up with a headache and you will end up with like five dollars

(bc I am a college student)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-01-05 09:44 pm (UTC)

Amity Hall!!


Hey check this, I was driving back to Harrisburg with my wife from State college when we passed Amity Hall, I had told my wife that that place is haunted, she didn't believe me, so I came home and started doin some research on it. Everything I was told I have found online, I would like to see paranormal state go there and do a show about it or TAPS!! which one it doesen't matter as long as recorded and shown to the people that live in the area, I happend to go fishing in that area so I personaly like to know whats going on is it true or false? who knows not me, but I would like to know.
[User Picture]From: rogue_gerbil
2009-01-12 05:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Amity Hall!!


My friends and I have visited a lot of supposedly haunted places in PA (and recently Maryland) and this is by far the most convincingly haunted place I have ever been in.
Unfortunately on a recent return trip, we saw that a tall wire fence has been placed around the perimeter of the hotel and parking lot : (
From: (Anonymous)
2009-02-17 08:16 am (UTC)

Re: Amity Hall!!


I have been there a couple of times myself. I experienced the battery drain, got orbs in a lot of pictures(could have been dust). Some of the worst vibes I have ever experienced were there, and I compare that to doing combat patrols in Iraq for a year. It still ranks in the scared shitless category.
The last time I went there(and probably the last time I will ever go), my friends and I all heard a shit load of crashing and banging just as we were getting ready to go in. I sounded like it was on the first floor, moving towards the back(which was the only open access point at the time). So, we kept one person on the front(In case whatever it was tried to force its way through the boarded front entrance[our first thought was vandals]), and the rest of us rushed to the back and waited. Nothing came out. We then did a systematic search of the hotel and found NOTHING. We all heard the noise, and we did our best to box off any escape routes as we moved through the building. None of us saw anything alive in that place.

I would also love to see TAPS do an investigation there. The only problem I see is that from the reports I've read on the net, the owners insist that it is not haunted, almost to the point of being indignant. I've also heard a lot of stories about people trying to find out who owns the building, but coming up with little to no success. I have only heard of one person successfully contacting them.

On a side not I find it very strange that the owners go to so much trouble to keep people out, and are doing absolutely nothing with the property. Besides of course boarding it up every time someone breaks in, and putting fences up in the parking lot.

Another side note: Entering that place(and many other places) is, as mentioned above, extremely illegal. If you are going to do it you best be prepared to deal with the consequences. And its mostly your fault. If you are going to go to a place like that, do it with some damned respect. The reason no one can go explore that place is because some of you retards have to go in there and start ripping shit apart and writing your gay little "Satan messages" on the walls. It ruins it for the rest of us.
(That was targeted at passers by on this page, both of the posts above read like they come from people with some amount of respect)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-05-19 06:09 pm (UTC)

Re: Amity Hall!!


This place burned down last night and five people were arretsed for arson.
From: (Anonymous)
2009-05-19 07:31 pm (UTC)



This morning the hotel actually burned down all that history gone maybe ther are still things happing idk just letting every1 kknow it burned down 5 guys in custody of arson
From: (Anonymous)
2009-05-20 05:10 am (UTC)



It's a shame what happened to Amity Hall. Not only was it bad enough that the owners let it run down, but now 5 jackasses burn it to the ground! I live just a few miles away, and when I used to deliver pizza, I always, I mean always, took the long way around at night to avoid that place. Every time I drove by that place I always got the creeps, goosebumps up and down.

I've never gone anywhere closers than the road because it creeps me out so much. Once, when I was much younger, my friend was driving me home and telling ghost stories and drove by it. He started to pull into the parking lot until we both got freaked out by some very weird, loud noises coming from the building. We stayed parked on the road for a few minutes until we saw some shadows swiftly moving around the parking lot, needless to say we got the hell out of there.

While there is no recorded history accounting for any of the stories told about Amity, I will say that is was creepy as hell. I only wish that the owners would have sold it to a local historic buff businessman (I know of one who had made multiple attempts to buy it, price was not a problem, it was the owners refusing to sell) instead of letting it rot to the ground. Hopefully something good will come from this fire, and the owners will sell the property and someone can rebuild this once amazing place to its former glory.
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